Any league of legends happening this year?

It’s funny you should mention….. We may or may not have news shortly…. ;)

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Is it for sure that Pen Ward is gonna be coming to the convention this year???

He is a confirmed guest, yes. :)

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ArcadeCon CMV - Real Science Fiction

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It is our pleasure to announce that Saturday 12th July, ArcadeCon will host a very special music concert as part of the ‘Starlight Ball’ - all your favourite video game, movie, TV and Anime soundtracks will feature in a classical music concert performed by Valinor. 

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Heya :) I was wondering if you guys will have any cloakroom type facilities this year? I'll probably be taking public transport and don't really want to do that in cosplay (props on the bus aren't fun lol) so I was wondering if you'd have anywhere to store bags? I'd rather not get a hotel room just for changing in since I live pretty close! Thanks :)

Hello! At the moment our arrangements this year will probably be the same as last year— there is a luggage room behind the reception desk that you can leave bags in, but the hotel and the con cannot be responsible for any goods that get lost in this room, I’m afraid.

However, we are looking in to opening and running a cloak room this year. It’s not confirmed, though, so check back for updates on that. :)

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It begins…

Hi! I was planning on preregging but I got a little stumped by tshirt size - is there a specific size chart you use/are they all unisex shirts? I just can't pick what size would suit me!

They are all unisex shirts, yep! The company we order from has no size chart available, but it’s standard unisex EU sizes, so something like this, except we have no XXL available unfortunately.

In my experience, the S, M, L and XL sizes are typical to those of men’s shirt sizes if you’ve ever bought them in the likes of Pennys/Primark, but the Large is slightly bigger than the usual Large T-Shirt, and XL is bigger again.

For female shirt sizes, S would suit size 10-12 and below, M would suit 12-16 comfortably, L is a very roomy 16-18, and XL would comfortably fit up to size 24.

Hope this helps!

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Our tumblr has finally been updated to fit our 2014 theme! Expect lots of news and announcements over the next few months, and don’t forget that you can buy your ticket online as well as at the weekend itself.

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Application Forms for Staff and Events →

Get your staff or event application for ArcadeCon 2014 in!

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ArcadeCon is up for an award and voting ends in 2 days guys!

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